Thursday, February 08, 2007

about chrystalyn jewelry

what started off in 2005 as an attempt at keeping up w/ current fashion in a relatively inexpensive way, eventually wound up evolving into a love affair w/ semiprecious gemstones that has absolutely become a way of life for a creative gal from dallas.

chrystal lynn paasch, designer and founder of chrystalyn jewelry, prides herself on her whimsical approach to her work. she gathers inspiration from a myriad of sources such as a textured piece of art, a good song, or a dear friend's animated personality. she views jewelry as something that should be seen as a deliberate expression of who an individual is.

chrystal, whom recently relocated to northern california, is discovering a whole new realm of motivation to create by way of the striking scenery and vibrant people. the regional shift has also impacted the way she photographs her work, which already stands out b/c of the engaging natural backdrops of most of her pieces.

all work is handmade and stones are guaranteed authentic. knotted pieces are strung on silk thread while findings are either sterling silver and/or gold-filled. custom work is highly encouraged as the process of creating something lovely is seen as just as important as the ultimate outcome.