Tuesday, August 24, 2010

SE Texas

We went to visit my dad, stepmom, and sis this weekend in southeast Texas.  We had such a good time.  As usual, my dad grilled fish and shrimp the size of an egg.  Surprisingly, we even talked him into accompanying us to a family day out to Galveston.  

Though it was dang hot, but we had a fabulous time.   The highlight of the day was when a seagull pooped on the back of my shirt.  I've now been pooped on 4 times by a bird in my lifetime.  In some cultures, its a sign of luck.

Daniel's favorite part was the old submarine that we toured from WWII.  I'm not sure who geeked out more... my husband or my dad. (-;

Friday, August 20, 2010

What to expect

Right after we found out we were pregnant, we got a book at a garage sale called What To Expect When You're Expecting.  We paid $0.50 for it.  It was a $14 book. 

I hadn't read it lately since we've been so busy.  But tonight, between hosing of my hubby's sneakers, partaking of a sort of weird textured smoothie that my dad made, and watching the syfy channel with my stepmom and sister, I scanned over the 4th month chapter.

In the 4th month, it says many women feel flutters or butterflies in their stomach.  That's baby being active.  I've felt that quite a bit lately.  I randomly feel odd little bumps that feel like baby is playing around in a bounce house in my tummy.  Other times it feels like I've been turned temporarily upside down on a roller coaster for a second or two.  I have found that baby always becomes active almost immediately after a snack. 

Hooray for baby movement!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Summer Cold & Some Fashionable Thoughts

Today I have a cold.  A summer cold.  I hate summer colds.  They are, truly, one of the strangest things to me.  I feel stuffy and sneezy and want to curl up and cuddle somewhere.  Only problem is that it is 100 degrees outside.  So strange.

Because I have a summer cold, I missed going out with my husband this morning junking.  Instead, I sat on the couch watching who knows what and researching the fashion status of my new home, Kansas City.  I was overwhelmed to find that this place, nicknamed the Paris of the Midwest, is chalk full of fashionistas, creative endeavors, and promising ideas that are FAR larger than me.  Suddenly, I feel like a little fish in a big ocean. 

First the summer cold and now this.  The unsettling dynamic of both a yes and a no in my mind at the same time...  I feel this sheer exuberance for the what lies ahead and still yet a strange self-consciousness of what I might not be. 

You see, I've spent the last 3 years in a town of 100k people in northern California.  I grew to love that town and the people in it.  So much so that I put heart and soul and creative ideas into it in the last year as if I'd lived there all my life.  I had vision for what it could be and would be.  I had people around me that were as excited as I was about it's creative potential.  And in a small way, I impacted that town.  I helped build a little bit of something that helped make other visionaries a little more pleased to call it that town home.

So as I researched this morning, I pondered what I might have to offer this city.  I no longer live in a town.  I live in a city.  And this city, based on my research,  has some truly grand and monumental ideas.  Did you know that Kansas City has it's own Fashion Week?  Now, I'm keenly aware that it probably doesn't hold a flame to the originals, but the fact that it has one is quite ambitious, I think.  Did you also know that it has a First Friday Artwalk and a newly renovated downtown just stuffed with hip eateries, galleries, and boutiques?  Yeah, I didn't know that either.

I mean, I imagined that, culturally, I'd be highly stimulated.  But, I didn't realize to what degree I could be.  Here's to seeing what lies ahead!



As you probably already know, my husband and I and baby to come have relocated to the Paris of the Midwest... Kansas City!  We are currently staying with friends as we find a place that we like.  Daniel will be looking for a job too.  I may do so as well, but it will be harder for me as I'm pregnant.

On a similar note, we are making our way down to Texas this next week to clean out my storage unit.  We'll be selling a totally glamorous red velvet couch with claw feet, a huge queen size poster princess bed with almost new mattresses, an antique dining set with 6 chairs (upholstered with a completely retro Missoni style graphic fabric), some little rustic side tables and chairs, and glassware & dishes.  Also, I made a note of our tentative itinerary on Facebook so feel free to check it out to see if we can cross paths. 

We are so excited to be living back in the central time zone and we can't wait to see you!