Saturday, February 20, 2010

Baby Hair

I recently did some undeniably sweet hair pieces for a custom baby order. All i have to say is, it was a huge task! I did not realize that I basically had to design an entirely new item. I thought, hair pieces are hair pieces. It'll be just like the combs and the little kid snappers that I've already done. I was SO wrong. Not only do you have the obvious issue of mini version for baby, but you also have the durability issue. And, the backs still need to be pretty in case baby keenly removes it from her hair and now its on the floor upside down. It must be pretty and uber durable.

I will say, despite the new problems to solve, I've really enjoyed doing this project. Throughout it, I found a myriad of new inspiration and possibilities for my business. I did a few different designs and realized that some were a little more delicate than others. Out of about 4 designs, these are the two that I finally decided on.

Either of these pieces will ensure that you, hands down, have the absolutely prettiest baby on the block!

Free image hosting at imagecave.com

Free image hosting at imagecave.com

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The price we pay

I'm working very hard right now on fine tuning the way I do business. As a result of this fine tuning, I'd love for you to take about 30 seconds of your time and answer this poll. As I'm developing new products, it's very helpful to know how I can accommodate you, my customer. It will also be beneficial as I continue to shape the ReddingHandmade Etsy team that debuted at the first of the year. Thanks for your time, your imput, and your support!


Doors open and doors close. I have a magnet that says "Good clothes open all doors." When one door opens, another closes... I feel like I'm playing in the corridor of a big building with lots of revolving doors. Some days it's overwhelming, but today is inspiring.

Since late fall, I've been working full time on and off. Since late fall, I've also been dreaming up all sorts of creative endeavors that have stirring inside of me for years. I would set aside about an hour a day to do some sort of task that will lay a foundation for these ideas. I started a business journal in this gorgeous, gold, faux crocodile book that I got for Christmas from my husband. In real life, I have not had time to implement these grand ideas except in small doses. But, perfectly timed, that problem is no longer.

I found out today that the company I've been temping with no longer requires my services. They might at a later date, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. In the meantime and beginning tomorrow, I will have my days scheduled out like that of a true entrepreneur. Have coffee while I'm checking my email in pjs. Shoot new products when the light of the sun is just right. Brainstorm how to make money from little more than good ideas and the time I have.

My husband told me to go along with these ideas so that I could embrace them when the time came. And, that time is tomorrow!