Sunday, September 26, 2010

Coming together!

Things finally feel like they're coming together in Kansas City for us.  

Danny and I both scored our jobs on Friday.  We had some FAB sales on his vintage shop this week.  We're starting to look for the perfect place to make our new home.  I'm on a whole new creative kick with my Chrystalyn line.  And, it's getting chilly in the mornings and its just SO refreshing! 

I adore this time of year.  Sure, its a new academic year and I've been out of school for awhile.  But when leaves are dying and changing colors, I feel the new beginnings that God is creating.  I feel a fresh breeze of hope blowing my way. 

 May you feel the hope of the future as well today!

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I heart housewares!

Can I tell you how much I heart housewares?  I'm constantly coming up with fun & festive ways to translate my accessories into fabulous housewares.  Most recently, I decided that it would be a grand idea to use my handstitched flowers as table decor.  Can't you just see these elegant blossoms nestled between green bean casserole, generously buttered rolls, and a golden, aromatic turkey?  Yeah, so can I...  Get it now!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Such excitement!

Wow, today feels like such a whirlwind. 

I found out this morning that I got the job I had my heart set on at H&R Block!  Its in downtown KC and its much like the job I did at Citi before I moved to Redding.  The best part is that I got hired even though they knew I was preggo.  This particular job is a temp position that goes through January/February.  Thankfully, that was how long I was looking to work before baby came our way.  I start Monday.

Last night Danny sold a typewriter that we've had on his shop for awhile.  Its a good thing because we could really use the money now.  Turns out I actually HAVE to go shopping now since I have 2 tops and 2 bottoms I can fit into that would be appropriate for the new gig.  I love waking up to Etsy sales... doesn't matter if they are from his shop or mine.  It makes my day!

On a more random but hugely satisfying note, I cleaned out my email inbox.  My Outlook now has a grand total of 8 items in it... and 2 of those just happened that I'm about to file because I've already got them tasked.  I LOVE being able to see what's inside my inbox.  The computer screen is a little slice of heaven right now because of it...

May good & pleasant things come your way too today!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

This is how we do it...

Yesterday, Danny and I got to hear baby's heartbeat.  It sounded like a galloping horse deep in my belly.  We didn't realize that was baby until our midwife pointed it out.  I think it finally feels REAL now.  Yes, I'm moving right along.  I've already had and conquered nausea.  I already feel baby bump around.  I have a very small potbelly.  But it didn't really, fully, and wholly hit me until yesterday I think.

We also got to meet our midwife yesterday.  We found out that she goes to IHOP and I think she's amazing.  We toured the birthing center too.  They have 6 rooms, all of which are themed differently and quite festive.  We headed back home from our appointment knowing that the heart of God was very much involved with the way in which we stumbled upon that place.  Suddenly, a load has been lifted off of my shoulders and I'm content again knowing that all things work together for good.

On a similar note, I'm totally in love with this Natural Organic Teething Toy from littlealouette on Etsy right now.  It's so dang cute!    

Vivian's Wedding

Today I'm showing off some gorgeous photos of Vivian's wedding.  Vivian got married in California this past spring and commissioned me to do hairpieces for her bridal party as well as her ceremony.  The wedding was shot by the same amazing photographer that did my wedding, Heather Armstrong.