Thursday, September 23, 2010

Such excitement!

Wow, today feels like such a whirlwind. 

I found out this morning that I got the job I had my heart set on at H&R Block!  Its in downtown KC and its much like the job I did at Citi before I moved to Redding.  The best part is that I got hired even though they knew I was preggo.  This particular job is a temp position that goes through January/February.  Thankfully, that was how long I was looking to work before baby came our way.  I start Monday.

Last night Danny sold a typewriter that we've had on his shop for awhile.  Its a good thing because we could really use the money now.  Turns out I actually HAVE to go shopping now since I have 2 tops and 2 bottoms I can fit into that would be appropriate for the new gig.  I love waking up to Etsy sales... doesn't matter if they are from his shop or mine.  It makes my day!

On a more random but hugely satisfying note, I cleaned out my email inbox.  My Outlook now has a grand total of 8 items in it... and 2 of those just happened that I'm about to file because I've already got them tasked.  I LOVE being able to see what's inside my inbox.  The computer screen is a little slice of heaven right now because of it...

May good & pleasant things come your way too today!

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