Saturday, March 29, 2008

san francisco & thanks!

i'm psyched that i got to finally see san fran!!! i had been praying 2 things all this month.

the first was that i'd be able to drive again by spring break. the other was that i'd be able to go, @ least for the day, out of town on a roadtrip so it would actually feel like spring break. both have come true. i'm finally driving again, thank god!!! then god just connected me w/ an amazing friend that invited me to join her on her daytrip to san fran earlier today (all expenses paid, yo!). it was great. see???

feel free to check the rest of the photos of the day @ http://www.flickr.com/photos/chrystalyn/ and check out today's date. you'll also find a comprehensive album of pretty much everything i've photographically documented since i came here. you'll see good friends, the honey, roadtrips, and holidays.

while i'm @ it, i just want to thank everyone that's contributed financially so that i can get to my next place. it's SO appreciated. and honestly, your contributions have completely shifted the way i view god. thanks again for being a part of what god is doing in me to break off that poverty spirit. i am much obliged.


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

a new thing

so i was talking to an old friend today that i only chat w/ about twice a year or so. in that time, i got to talk out a little something that i felt like i needed to share.

as you might have noticed (i'm sure all the photos of jewelry along the left margin tipped you off), i make prophetic jewelry. in the 3 or so years that i've been doing it, i've been discouraged time and time again by the lack of response i've received as a whole. now there have been many wonderful people that have supported me (and i thank you all so much), but still i was unable to move forward in it as more than just a side hobby. i realized today that, despite my lack of understanding through this journey, god has had a very good plan for my creativity.

it seems as though there were many thing holding me back (fear of failure, rejection, success, ect) and i was so unable to maintain the needed confidence every time i began to break through into a new level. well, today i'm saying it's lifted!!!! the lack of confidence that i do good work, that i make a valued product, or that god doesn't have my back in this endeavor. today, i'm fully aware that much breakthrough of the mind has come about in this last nine months and i am finally expectant in my ability to move forward in the world of creativity.

i can just see, today, how my vision has been clarified and how little about me it is. today, i know that god will pour favor upon me b/c i'm releasing the kingdom around me and through my art. i just see how imperative it is for the fashion industry and creative arts to begin to ravage heaven for the anointed ideas and designs that have been crafted for such a time as this.

if you are an artist or even if you have creative tendencies, begin to tug on god's sleeve for the release of heavenly inspired ideas and designs in this season. he desires to inundate the world w/ beautiful and glory coated treasures in the coming days. allow yourself to be one that he uses to do so...

happy building,

Monday, March 24, 2008

spring break - a break from the brain

so this week is spring break. no classes all week long. and, for the record, school is almost out. we graduation on may 16 and it's just so close.

i was talking to the honey last night and considering whether 1st year has been all it's cracked up to be. there's been some good times, but i'm finding that there's alot more to it than i initially intended. it's so easy to pick the most outgoing or freely spirit moving people out and be frustrated b/c i'm not @ their level. it's easy to feel like, during the crunch time, that i've not accomplished or grasped everything i was sent her to land. it's even easy to beat myself up for not trying all of the very cool outreaches and classes offered here @ bethel and thus deduct that i've wasted my time this last 9 months.

but last night i realized that we're all in different seasons. i, personally, have been in a deep place of deliverance most of this year w/ god getting @ all of the deeply hidden things that have terrorized relationships, tormented those that i love, and made lunchmeat of my insides b/c i'd not yet been ready to deal w/ some very hard things.

i guess, my point is, 1st year has not looked as i supposed it would look @ all. it's been alot of soaring ups and very low downs. it's been joyful, unbearable, infuriating, and freeing. i say all this b/c recently, i've had a hard time putting this year into perspective. i've heard myself and even listened to some others imply that i hadn't accomplished what i came here to do. the reality is, i had no idea what i came here to do. i knew that god would release some solid connections in my life here and that i would come into a place of expansion. beyond that, my expectations were quite nondescript.

so i feel like my perspective and god's are totally different about 1st year. i think that god is capable of accomplishing all that he has set out to do in me as well as through me. after having some light shed on this incident, i realized that this investment of my time will impact every portion of my life in the days to come. it will affect even the places in the future where my time is to bask brightly and joyously in the fullness of my dreams realized.

i just want to commend anyone that's every sacrificed a chunk of their life out to invest in your future as a child of god. it doesn't ever seem to be what we think it will be, but it's always a fruitful endeaver when you've got the right heart.

be blessed in the year of new beginnings!!


Thursday, March 20, 2008

the names of god...

i just have to say that god is exactly who he says he is. he proves himself faithful day in and day out and i just have to let someone know. he truly is provider, healer, comforter, lover... i could go on for days w/ the character of god. but suffice it to say, this late @ night, that he is nothing less than what he claims to be... good! and i just can't help but be thankful for his goodness.

if you're feeling defeated right now, hold on a bit longer and let him break through every wall that's held you back in the past seasons. for every gate that's not opened for you, the lord says that he is swinging wide open the gates this year on our behalf! take a deep, sweet breath and let the expectation of heaven saturate your insides tonight. bask in the glories to come and the kindness of a good, good daddy...

much love,

job hunting & easter break

please pray for me right now as i'm on the mad lookout for a job. i've got a bit less than 2 months left of school and i need something now. however, i'd love for my job to be something that i can do now w/ my current hours and then transition into full time once summer rolls around.

i've had breakthrough in that i've been on a few interviews, but the schedule seems to be the perpetual issue (i'm only available in the mornings and all day on mondays & saturdays). even still, i know that god has something for me. please just pray that it will be released!!!

on a much brighter note, today is our last day of school before spring break. we've got a week off plus tomorrow which is good friday. i'd really love for a few bits of daunting circumstances to pan out so that i can enjoy a bit of the area. i'm hardcore contending for breakthrough right now as i know everyone is.

much love

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

mission trip update - mexico trip cancelled

i posted a few weeks back and also made mention to my mission trip in my last support letter, so you may know that i was planning on going to tecate, mx.

unfortunately, due to some really uncool circumstances (finances!! grrr!!!), it doesn't look as though i'll be able to go. we had our first official mission trip training today and i believe i'll be staying here in redding. honestly, i'm sort of upset. however, after hearing the vision for the daily outreaches we've got planned, i'm sort of excited. i think we'll be doing some block parties, treating kids to fun days, and like events.

overall, it will be good. i just had sort of hoped that i'd be able to get out and about seeing how i didn't have the opportunity to go home for either thanksgiving or christmas. even still, i intend on being here over the summer and maybe i'll have a chance to do some exploring of california then....

much love,

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

call me button

so check out the call me button over to the right in the margin. you can use that button to page and/or call me directly if you feel so inclined. so have fun w/ that!

Monday, March 10, 2008

blogs & jobs

so i'm super excited about the new chrystalyn jewelry blog here @ blogger. it'll have pictures of events, updates on pieces, mastermind marketing ploys, and maybe even a joke or two. ok, so maybe no jokes... but the rest is feasible for a link devoted to my jewelry, don't you think?

anyway, check it out. you might like it...

in other news, i'm currently looking for a job that will carry over into the summertime. i'd like something enjoyable. no taking out the trash in heels, preferably. however, i don't mind the smell of fish. of course, i don't know if it's better or worse in dry heat vs the humid heat of texas. anyway, i'm looking for a job.... referrals or recommendations?????


Saturday, March 08, 2008

trunk show @ monica's

so i had a lovely little trunk show @ monica's last weekend. it was jampacked w/ good conversation, high spirits, extended hours, and beautiful jewelry! i just have to say that redding, california is such a warm town. i'm glad i'm here...

looking forward to more good times like this in the future!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

on my heart...

so there's been alot on my heart right now, but it's been so hard to verbalize it all b/c it's been mixed in w/reoccurring sick days (again!) as well as ridulously busy weeks of conferences, homegroups, and working through my issues (grrr). so, while i could not sleep on this bright, beautiful thursday morning, i figured i'd make myself useful and get to typing.

i just got this new book from a friend last week called "the new mystics" by john crowder. it's this huge medley of amazing god-lovers past and present that were known for being his friends. you should read it. it'll make you utterly unsatisfied w/ what you've seen yourself and completely compelled to host the presence of god as never before. it'll cause you to explore the mysterious and hidden rooms w/in your spirit that confirms the breathtakingly odd part of who our god is. it will jumpstart a motor in you that has a built-in propellor, probably. try it, you may like it...

on another note, i'm preparing for some new approaches to the jewelry line. i have these great, oversized postcards that i'm very psyched about that i'm sending out to hip boutiques that i feel could appreciate what i do. i used to do a email newsletter, but that was almost exclusively for my direct clients. i feel, though, that god may be causing me to branch out into some previously feared territories. please pray for me as i move forward in approaching shops to purchase my pieces wholesale.

also, there's such a freshness to life right now. here in norcal, the sun is shining and the brisk breeze is blowing like crazy. everyone i know is just itching to get outside again and go exploring through this lovely part of the country. likewise, i'm feeling a resounding hope rise up out of me that god is good and sovereign and exactly who he says that he is. may faith and expectation likewise bubble up out of you as the winter slinks away and spring bursts forth!!!

one more thing, if you've got problems w/ your complextion... i've got something i've been using for a week now and it's cleared me up beautifully. ask me about it if you like....

Sunday, March 02, 2008


here are some drawing from when i first started doing prophetic art. i did one for each person in the house one night a few months ago and stuck them all on the fridge. i then made everyone guess who's was who's. can you guess which one is mine???

in case you're curious, i did the drawings w/ this crazy pencil that you can smear w/ water and it winds up looking like watercolor. it's amazing....!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

results of the trunk show

the show went well. i had a great time and met some fantastic women. i sold a bit, but was very encouraged b/c everyone ADORED my work. in fact, it made me feel a bit @ home like the days when me and my favorite fashionista friends did all sorts of wonderful fashiony things in uptown dallas! the evening of red wine and good conversation was much needed.

thanks to the honey for cutting down the beautiful blossom branches on such short notice! (-;

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