Thursday, March 20, 2008

job hunting & easter break

please pray for me right now as i'm on the mad lookout for a job. i've got a bit less than 2 months left of school and i need something now. however, i'd love for my job to be something that i can do now w/ my current hours and then transition into full time once summer rolls around.

i've had breakthrough in that i've been on a few interviews, but the schedule seems to be the perpetual issue (i'm only available in the mornings and all day on mondays & saturdays). even still, i know that god has something for me. please just pray that it will be released!!!

on a much brighter note, today is our last day of school before spring break. we've got a week off plus tomorrow which is good friday. i'd really love for a few bits of daunting circumstances to pan out so that i can enjoy a bit of the area. i'm hardcore contending for breakthrough right now as i know everyone is.

much love

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