Saturday, March 29, 2008

san francisco & thanks!

i'm psyched that i got to finally see san fran!!! i had been praying 2 things all this month.

the first was that i'd be able to drive again by spring break. the other was that i'd be able to go, @ least for the day, out of town on a roadtrip so it would actually feel like spring break. both have come true. i'm finally driving again, thank god!!! then god just connected me w/ an amazing friend that invited me to join her on her daytrip to san fran earlier today (all expenses paid, yo!). it was great. see???

feel free to check the rest of the photos of the day @ http://www.flickr.com/photos/chrystalyn/ and check out today's date. you'll also find a comprehensive album of pretty much everything i've photographically documented since i came here. you'll see good friends, the honey, roadtrips, and holidays.

while i'm @ it, i just want to thank everyone that's contributed financially so that i can get to my next place. it's SO appreciated. and honestly, your contributions have completely shifted the way i view god. thanks again for being a part of what god is doing in me to break off that poverty spirit. i am much obliged.


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shipsforbrains said...

you look super thin.