Friday, June 06, 2008


it's summertime, yo! what of it?

i'm looking for a job right now... please pray that someone either graces me w/ an amazing job quick or that i land this mega brilliant marketing strategy for the jewelry. i'm kinda kidding, but kinda serious too.

i know there's a shift coming b/c i'm seeing it in everyone around me. i'm trying hard to tap into what it looks like in me as well. that's the part i need help w/ right now. i have no prob recognizing the glory in everyone around me. it's me that i have the hardest time seeing the potential in. it's me that i'm trying to learn how to build up and encourage nowadays. it's a strange thing, really.

on a similar note, here is a photoof graduation night from 1st year. i'm not really sure what this fall will hold for me right now. heck, i'm not sure what this summer is holding for me and it's already in full swing. i'm just doing what i know to do: look for jobs and brainstorm for jewelry. i'll keep you posted....

love and miss!