Friday, March 06, 2009


so i wanted to let you guys know that danny (boyfriend) and i are leaving on sunday to roadtrip to texas. we will be hitting up dallas, longview, and beaumont. the tentative dates for the tour of texas are as follows:

sun, 3/8 - leave redding
mon, 3/9 - sleep in arizona, drive
tues, 3/10 - audit classes @ convergence school of supernatural in fort worth (want to see what our friends are doing)
wed, 3/11 - longview, spend night
thurs, 3/12 - leave for beaumont
fri, 3/13 - beaumont, parents!
sat, 3/14 - beaumont, parents!
sun, 3/15 - beaumont, parents!
mon, 3/16 - leave for dallas, dinner w/ family in greenville
tues, 3/17 - 6am prayer in denton , fun in denton, dinner @ greenhouse restaurant on locust @ 6pm (rsvp w/ me please)!
wed, 3/18 - move a storage unit in aubrey(want to help?), fun in dallas!
thurs, 3/19 - fun in dallas, dinner @ gloria's on beltline & tollway @ 7pm then drinks @ palomino club (come one, come all... just rsvp!)
fri, 3/20 - fun in dallas!
sat, 3/21 - fun in dallas!
sun, 3/22 - church @ denton, leave for california
mon, 3/23 - sleep in arizona, drive
tues, 3/24 - back in redding

i am going to do my best to see as many of your as possible. one thing that will help me is if you make an effort to attend one of my fun dinners tues 3/17 or thurs 3/19. oh, how i've missed black bean dip and quail! oh, how i’ve missed quaint patios w/ mild non-rainy weather!

note, we're still looking for a place to stay in longview as well as on the trip back and forth to and from dallas. we'd ideally love to land in arizona for a night on the way to and from texas b/c it's a pretty good midway point. even still, we're open. i feel a tad weird about asking for a hookup and i know we could just get a hotel, but it took a miracle of god to get us on this trip. you have no idea how much we’d appreciate it...

love you all and can't wait to see you, catch up, have a nice drink, and laugh a little. and i know that danny looks forward to meeting all of you!

much love...

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Customer Appreciation Contest

Congratulations Kristin from Dallas for winning the Customer Appreciation Photo Contest! You'll be happy to know that your Shape of My Soul Coral Necklace will go out in the mail tomorrow!

Thank you everyone for submitting your happy photos! You guys rock!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

"chrystal the hairstylist"

i'm so far past proud of the fact that i cut my own hair this past friday. when i was in dallas, i had a friend do it and it was always amazing. i got compliments all the time about how chic it was. the great thing about the cuts i used to get was that i didn't have to do anything with my hair after i awoke in the mornings. it was true bedhead. i went to bed with it wet, tossed and turned all through the night, and arose each morning with a tousled and textured mess that was a little rocker and a little kindergardener. it was wonderful.

since i moved to redding (a year and a half ago), i'm embarrassed to admit that i've only had one haircut. the cut wasn't bad, but dang, it wasn't very much fun. it was stuffy, it was bland, it was grown up. no one seems to understand (god bless danny in texas) how to cut my hair in such a way that i don't have to fight it's natural tendencies.

so on thursday i got a wild hair (pun so intended) and started snipping away. i used the techniques i learned from my most beloved stylist and twisted every which way all the while blindly hacking here and hacking there. i forgot to mention that i prayed too. it turned out great except that i couldn't seem to thin it out enough.

friday morn, i hit up wally world and made a $7 investment for thinning shears. how's that for the price of a haircut? i arrived home utterly eager to do part two of the hack job on my coiffe and it was so worth it. after i was done thinning, it looked like i had cut my hair all over again.

in conclusion, i think i've found a new passion... anyone want a cut? (-;