Tuesday, March 03, 2009

"chrystal the hairstylist"

i'm so far past proud of the fact that i cut my own hair this past friday. when i was in dallas, i had a friend do it and it was always amazing. i got compliments all the time about how chic it was. the great thing about the cuts i used to get was that i didn't have to do anything with my hair after i awoke in the mornings. it was true bedhead. i went to bed with it wet, tossed and turned all through the night, and arose each morning with a tousled and textured mess that was a little rocker and a little kindergardener. it was wonderful.

since i moved to redding (a year and a half ago), i'm embarrassed to admit that i've only had one haircut. the cut wasn't bad, but dang, it wasn't very much fun. it was stuffy, it was bland, it was grown up. no one seems to understand (god bless danny in texas) how to cut my hair in such a way that i don't have to fight it's natural tendencies.

so on thursday i got a wild hair (pun so intended) and started snipping away. i used the techniques i learned from my most beloved stylist and twisted every which way all the while blindly hacking here and hacking there. i forgot to mention that i prayed too. it turned out great except that i couldn't seem to thin it out enough.

friday morn, i hit up wally world and made a $7 investment for thinning shears. how's that for the price of a haircut? i arrived home utterly eager to do part two of the hack job on my coiffe and it was so worth it. after i was done thinning, it looked like i had cut my hair all over again.

in conclusion, i think i've found a new passion... anyone want a cut? (-;

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