Tuesday, April 29, 2008

2.5 weeks and counting!

there are only about 2.5 more weeks of school now and i'm both psyched and a little nostalgic about it all. i'm not ecstatic that school of the supernatural is over, but i am so expectant of what the culmination of school's end will hold as we move into our next phase of life. as many have said, i know that the summer months will be amazing and so pivotal.

as for school, the official school bill is still $670. if you'd like to support, please send by way of the paypal link to the left or by check directly to the school as stated under the support heading. i can't actually graduate until i get the bill paid, so i'm praying hard that god will bring in those finances.

in other news, thanks to everyone that's been supporting the jewelry/keychain business. it's so appreciated.

also, please pray for my momma. she's here visiting right now and she had to go to an emergency session @ the chiropractor today b/c she had unbearable pain in her back. she's going again tomorrow for a followup.

beyond all that, i'm just so thankful for who god is. we had a 2.5 hour worship session today that was utter beauty. god came down amidst us and whipped around us just as the winds in redding are whipping tonight. @ the height of our worship, god began to show me places generationally that he's breaking off of me, my family, and our class as a whole. there was such a spirit of freedom and truth in the room, i couldn't help but bounce around. if that's what habitation of god's spirit looks like, i'm so in...........

and as a final note, i'm getting ready to send out one more support letter to get that last $670 knocked out so i can graduate. if you want to be on my mailing list, please email me w/ your physical address so i can throw one your way.

much love and boundless blessings....

Thursday, April 24, 2008

school's almost over!!!!...

so school is almost over. we've got about 3 weeks left. i did apply to 2nd year, but i've not yet had my interview. also, i still need about $1000 to finish paying off my school bill.

if you feel so inclined, feel free to send some support by way of the paypal link in the left margin or by check to the church if tax deductible is an issue.

i've been working some part time side jobs lately that make me really appreciate the idea of some stability coming up in my life. i've done taste testing promotions and temp work mainly. i'm thinking that i'll probably temp all through the summer as it's quite flexible. i'm seriously considering a newspaper route too. anyone you know ever done that??? the hours are crazy, but again, i like the idea of lots of random jobs that give me a well rounded collection of income streams. of course, i've always got chrystalyn jewelry. if you've not yet checked out the keychains, do so immediately. the wings are selling like mad!

as for the summer, my immediate plans are to stay here in redding through the summer w/ the exception of some much needed traveling. i've not been to texas since i moved here during the middle of september. i'm also hooking myself up w/ some ministry opportunities here @ bethel as i think it's very important that i stay in a posture to pour out to others right now.

in fact, i'm completely psyched about the healing rooms. i'm taking a class right now that will enable me to work in the healing rooms by the time school is out. healing is the one thing right now that i just feel god dangling out before me like a carrot on a string. i've determined to not leave redding until i see some serious breakthrough in this realm. and really, i know this conviction is just an invitation to experience another piece of who god is so i'm very expectant.

our weekly outreach, which is supernatural business, is also going to continue during the summer. this particular outreach was new for the year and our class really had the honor to carve out and pioneer what it looked like. i will definitely continue on w/ this weekly endeavor. god told me in the first week of school that he'd use the outreach time to both cultivate some experience in this arena as well as give me the opportunity to seed into others' businesses. if i did so, he said he'd bless what i did in business also.

oh, MISSIONS!!!! so we had missions week the last few weeks. if you've been reading the blog, you know that i wasn't able to go on the tecate, mx trip as initially expected. i was bummed, but in the same instance, god had been talking to me about being like david's men that stayed behind and still got to share in the spoils. we did have an enjoyable time and i did have some great creative breakthrough. that week, the keychain idea was birthed!!! the photo was the saturday revival we did here in town @ a local park. we did a bbq, worship, carnival, and anointing time (complete w/ fire tunnel). i was so excited b/c my words of knowledge were so on that day!!!

and as a final note, i've just been reflecting a ton this week. my momma is currently here visiting and things are shifting like wild. we're all in this new outfit that we're all kinda tripping over pant legs right now b/c we've certainly not grown into it but we've also not quite learned how to manage ourselves according to it either. it's an awkward place to be and a bright one as well. i'm just thankful that i'm having this chance in my life to set everything aside and really get myself put together again. it's such a massive blessing.

love you...

Sunday, April 20, 2008


chrystalyn jewelry
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Friday, April 11, 2008

even more jewelry & brief status report on life

now have over 40 different pieces listed on etsy site including some you've not seen before as well as ornaments (good as hostess gifts) & the new keychains!

if you know of any shops that my pieces would do well in (please consider pricepoints & all regions welcome) and you'd like to support chrystalyn jewelry w/ some marketing assistance, i'd love for you to either refer the shop to me or i could send you a few postcards (already filled out) and you could address them to the shop specifically.

AND sorry this is so short, but in between mission week... i've been getting new photos for postcard marketing as well as for the site. updates on missions next week for sure. again, thanks for all that have been and are supporting me!!! i've still got a bit left on this year's school bill, so please pray. additionally, i recently hooked up w/ a temp agency to get some work so pray for favor there.

love you all & enjoy shopping!!


Tuesday, April 08, 2008


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Monday, April 07, 2008


be on the lookout for the newest item from chrystalyn jewelry: keychains! i've started w/ small set of gold-toned pieces that are fun, frisky, and all around chic! they're also a lower price point, so great for anyone looking for an under $25 purchase.

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