Tuesday, April 29, 2008

2.5 weeks and counting!

there are only about 2.5 more weeks of school now and i'm both psyched and a little nostalgic about it all. i'm not ecstatic that school of the supernatural is over, but i am so expectant of what the culmination of school's end will hold as we move into our next phase of life. as many have said, i know that the summer months will be amazing and so pivotal.

as for school, the official school bill is still $670. if you'd like to support, please send by way of the paypal link to the left or by check directly to the school as stated under the support heading. i can't actually graduate until i get the bill paid, so i'm praying hard that god will bring in those finances.

in other news, thanks to everyone that's been supporting the jewelry/keychain business. it's so appreciated.

also, please pray for my momma. she's here visiting right now and she had to go to an emergency session @ the chiropractor today b/c she had unbearable pain in her back. she's going again tomorrow for a followup.

beyond all that, i'm just so thankful for who god is. we had a 2.5 hour worship session today that was utter beauty. god came down amidst us and whipped around us just as the winds in redding are whipping tonight. @ the height of our worship, god began to show me places generationally that he's breaking off of me, my family, and our class as a whole. there was such a spirit of freedom and truth in the room, i couldn't help but bounce around. if that's what habitation of god's spirit looks like, i'm so in...........

and as a final note, i'm getting ready to send out one more support letter to get that last $670 knocked out so i can graduate. if you want to be on my mailing list, please email me w/ your physical address so i can throw one your way.

much love and boundless blessings....

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Keith said...

and here I am anxious about getting back to school..... I have not been in a classroom since 1995! I ,love your blog. I am reading blogs from all over Redding. I am glad I found yours