Friday, April 11, 2008

even more jewelry & brief status report on life

now have over 40 different pieces listed on etsy site including some you've not seen before as well as ornaments (good as hostess gifts) & the new keychains!

if you know of any shops that my pieces would do well in (please consider pricepoints & all regions welcome) and you'd like to support chrystalyn jewelry w/ some marketing assistance, i'd love for you to either refer the shop to me or i could send you a few postcards (already filled out) and you could address them to the shop specifically.

AND sorry this is so short, but in between mission week... i've been getting new photos for postcard marketing as well as for the site. updates on missions next week for sure. again, thanks for all that have been and are supporting me!!! i've still got a bit left on this year's school bill, so please pray. additionally, i recently hooked up w/ a temp agency to get some work so pray for favor there.

love you all & enjoy shopping!!


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