Wednesday, March 26, 2008

a new thing

so i was talking to an old friend today that i only chat w/ about twice a year or so. in that time, i got to talk out a little something that i felt like i needed to share.

as you might have noticed (i'm sure all the photos of jewelry along the left margin tipped you off), i make prophetic jewelry. in the 3 or so years that i've been doing it, i've been discouraged time and time again by the lack of response i've received as a whole. now there have been many wonderful people that have supported me (and i thank you all so much), but still i was unable to move forward in it as more than just a side hobby. i realized today that, despite my lack of understanding through this journey, god has had a very good plan for my creativity.

it seems as though there were many thing holding me back (fear of failure, rejection, success, ect) and i was so unable to maintain the needed confidence every time i began to break through into a new level. well, today i'm saying it's lifted!!!! the lack of confidence that i do good work, that i make a valued product, or that god doesn't have my back in this endeavor. today, i'm fully aware that much breakthrough of the mind has come about in this last nine months and i am finally expectant in my ability to move forward in the world of creativity.

i can just see, today, how my vision has been clarified and how little about me it is. today, i know that god will pour favor upon me b/c i'm releasing the kingdom around me and through my art. i just see how imperative it is for the fashion industry and creative arts to begin to ravage heaven for the anointed ideas and designs that have been crafted for such a time as this.

if you are an artist or even if you have creative tendencies, begin to tug on god's sleeve for the release of heavenly inspired ideas and designs in this season. he desires to inundate the world w/ beautiful and glory coated treasures in the coming days. allow yourself to be one that he uses to do so...

happy building,

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