Wednesday, March 12, 2008

mission trip update - mexico trip cancelled

i posted a few weeks back and also made mention to my mission trip in my last support letter, so you may know that i was planning on going to tecate, mx.

unfortunately, due to some really uncool circumstances (finances!! grrr!!!), it doesn't look as though i'll be able to go. we had our first official mission trip training today and i believe i'll be staying here in redding. honestly, i'm sort of upset. however, after hearing the vision for the daily outreaches we've got planned, i'm sort of excited. i think we'll be doing some block parties, treating kids to fun days, and like events.

overall, it will be good. i just had sort of hoped that i'd be able to get out and about seeing how i didn't have the opportunity to go home for either thanksgiving or christmas. even still, i intend on being here over the summer and maybe i'll have a chance to do some exploring of california then....

much love,

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