Thursday, March 20, 2008

the names of god...

i just have to say that god is exactly who he says he is. he proves himself faithful day in and day out and i just have to let someone know. he truly is provider, healer, comforter, lover... i could go on for days w/ the character of god. but suffice it to say, this late @ night, that he is nothing less than what he claims to be... good! and i just can't help but be thankful for his goodness.

if you're feeling defeated right now, hold on a bit longer and let him break through every wall that's held you back in the past seasons. for every gate that's not opened for you, the lord says that he is swinging wide open the gates this year on our behalf! take a deep, sweet breath and let the expectation of heaven saturate your insides tonight. bask in the glories to come and the kindness of a good, good daddy...

much love,

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Will De Hart said...

Hey Chrystal,

I'll be praying for you that you supply will come through. After 33 years of living in California, I miss it some, but life is good here in Texas. I'm excited about the miracle coming next.