Wednesday, September 15, 2010

This is how we do it...

Yesterday, Danny and I got to hear baby's heartbeat.  It sounded like a galloping horse deep in my belly.  We didn't realize that was baby until our midwife pointed it out.  I think it finally feels REAL now.  Yes, I'm moving right along.  I've already had and conquered nausea.  I already feel baby bump around.  I have a very small potbelly.  But it didn't really, fully, and wholly hit me until yesterday I think.

We also got to meet our midwife yesterday.  We found out that she goes to IHOP and I think she's amazing.  We toured the birthing center too.  They have 6 rooms, all of which are themed differently and quite festive.  We headed back home from our appointment knowing that the heart of God was very much involved with the way in which we stumbled upon that place.  Suddenly, a load has been lifted off of my shoulders and I'm content again knowing that all things work together for good.

On a similar note, I'm totally in love with this Natural Organic Teething Toy from littlealouette on Etsy right now.  It's so dang cute!    

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