Saturday, August 14, 2010


As you probably already know, my husband and I and baby to come have relocated to the Paris of the Midwest... Kansas City!  We are currently staying with friends as we find a place that we like.  Daniel will be looking for a job too.  I may do so as well, but it will be harder for me as I'm pregnant.

On a similar note, we are making our way down to Texas this next week to clean out my storage unit.  We'll be selling a totally glamorous red velvet couch with claw feet, a huge queen size poster princess bed with almost new mattresses, an antique dining set with 6 chairs (upholstered with a completely retro Missoni style graphic fabric), some little rustic side tables and chairs, and glassware & dishes.  Also, I made a note of our tentative itinerary on Facebook so feel free to check it out to see if we can cross paths. 

We are so excited to be living back in the central time zone and we can't wait to see you! 

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