Wednesday, January 23, 2008

jumpstarting the beautiful thing entity called blog

so i'm excited about the thing called blog. after seeing bobby's, i couldn't help myself. who knew keeping up w/ your friends could be so utterly chic? i should know as i certainly consider myself a real techology junkie, but still.

there have been certain things that i've fought tooth and nail:
  • blogger
  • myspace
  • friendster
  • a boyfriend

anyway, this is good. this will prompt me to update more frequently. in fact, i think i'll start out w/ a posting of my email update to my old church crew from just this morning...



hey guys,

i know i’ve not really done a very good job of updating you guys on what’s going on here in california, and i’m sorry that i’ve not. i woke up this morning very much feeling the need to let you all know where i am and what’s going on. i guess, if you received a support letter, you may have some idea of what’s up here. however, i don’t believe that i had addresses on all of you.

i’m really enjoying being here. the first half of the year has been a ton of deliverance (organized and relationional), and as some of you know…. i’ve been looking for that for months now. so that’s been a blessing. i feel like god’s really been dealing w/ some mad generational issues regarding many of the issues that you guys have counseled me on (including, relationships, identity, finances). so on that note, thanks for being the initial platform that god used to begin to deal w/ that stuff.

i’m currently in a ladies’ cell group that reminds me a good bit of the reese’s/janice’s group that i loved so much. in fact, i’m finding many small things that remind me of home, not just dallas, but glory… and i like that very much. i’m currently dating a guy right now and have been since about October. he’s from ihop/Kansas and is currently 2nd year. i’ve made some really snazzy friends, many of which are creative and called to the marketplace like me. for those of you that remember steve, pam, and sheena collar… they are here attending 1st year as a family. is Emily the intercessor still there? her nephew is here for school as well. what else? i just got released as a prayer servant, which is good.

yesterday, i spent the evening listening to the goz radio feed and i’ve realized that i’ve missed the fight in me. god brought me here to impart identity, grace, and love… but lately i’ve just been feeling like such a twinkle-eyed puddle of goo. i know that god is desiring me to revisit some of who i am and my roots and i very much consider you guys a massive part of that. i recall having a dream before i left where i looked down @ my shoes and they were the same 2-tone color scheme as chuck’s car. i stated aloud this observation and when i awoke, i felt as though god was letting me know that much of my foundation has been w/ glory.

i guess i’ve sort of been that pendulum that’s swung one way, then the other, and now i’m trying to get that balance. i love it here and the heart for revival that they’ve got. even still, i’m finding myself craving a bit of a more aggressive worship beat and chuck’s accent (which i never noticed until i’ve not heard anything southern in a few months!!). (-;

i love you guys. please pray for me as i’m trying to find a new rhythm and how these 2 streams flow together. i’ve head stories of others trying to find the merge point on different flavored streams, but i don’t think i realized how deliberate and touchy it really was…

i do attend 1st fruits online and absolutely love it. good stuff. keeps me in the loop!

i’ve began a new approach to my jewelry. more of it has an attached blessing/word than ever before. that’s a good thing. still looking for a job, though, as well.

i think that’s all i’ve got for now. miss you guys individually, really hated to send the stereotypical distribution list email… but i figured this was better than nothing, huh??? (-;


chrystal lynn paasch
find out more: www.chrystalynjewelry.com

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