Tuesday, February 26, 2008

poopie sick & the arts

i've been feeling poopie sick this past weekend and i'm very tired of it. of course, i've thoroughly enjoyed the ability to lounge for hours on the couch and take exceedingly long hot showers.

that aside, i'm psyched about this coming week b/c there's a prophetic arts conference over the next few days. there's a 12 yr old gal named akiane (sp??) that apparently paints some very heavenly inspired pieces. john paul jackson will be here as well. we can volunteer for non school hours to help @ the conference. i will be working 2 shifts. i love the fact, though, that most guest speakers always try hard to speak to us here @ the school even if they don't make it for sunday service. it's sort of cool to be a priority in that respect. so we get john paul one day and then akiane on the other.

and, on a similiar note, check out a few of my paintings i've done. the diamond was the first piece i've painted since i was about 10. the wave was the second and the angel wing was the third. i've done a few more, but they're really hard to photograph b/c i love using the metallic paints. so what do you think????

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starfallenwinter said...

iiii miiiiisssss yyyooooouuuuuu, Chrystal!!!!!!