Tuesday, May 13, 2008

here comes summertime!!

so here we are. this friday is the last day of school. come friday, first year will be over and done w/!!!!!

yes, first year of school of supernatural ministry will be DONE! on sunday, 750 revivalists from all over the globe will be commissioned and sent out to heal the sick, raise the dead, and set the captives free!!!

today @ school, bill came around and anointed us in a reverse firetunnel. and it wasn't just once, it was 4 times. he started and just kept on going. anyone that was still able to stand up got it again and again and again. amidst the good time, god began to show me some things about my time here this past 9 months. he showed me how @ the beginning of this year, i was dropped into the depths of his great expanse of love. apparently, i've been there just hanging out since this past fall. today, however, i've been fished out and he's placing me in a new setting that is bigger than the one before b/c i've become bigger than i was before. i, as a jewel, have been sopping up his love and glory and have expanded greatly. now i'm being placed in a new setting so that i can be his signet ring to portray both his authority and imagination. it's all quite lovely, really.

as for the rest of life in the natural sense, i'm still searching for a job. in the meantime, me and the honey have been redoing old furniture and are just starting to sell some of it. here's a photo of the chic little magazine rack that i just finished last night. it's an adorable cool green tone that is depictive of all of our new beginnings. i'm also looking to expand the jewelry out into some areas besides dallas and redding. if you know of a hip shop, i'd love to check them out and see if chrystalyn might bea good fit for them.

and finally, just b/c school is out doesn't mean we can't still keep in touch. if anything, i'd love to hear what everyone is doing and i'd love for you to know how the fruit of this year's investment is coming along. i'll still be doing jewelry (that never ends) and who knows what other sorts of creative projects. we'll just see what amazing creative things i can dig out of the depths of god's mysterious heart....

much love...

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