Saturday, November 01, 2008

Bright & Bustling Holiday Event!

The 2nd Annual Holiday ShopHop is coming up and I am so excited about it! I'm excited becuase, first of all, I LOVE the holidays! I love anything that has the word "holiday" in it. I have to seriously fight back to control myself so that I don't slip the word "holiday" into random everyday conversation with strangers around every corner during this time of year. So in that spirit of magic and childlikeness, here are the details of the event...

There will be multiple local designers and that makes this whole brilliant idea much more fun. Other local creative folk along side me and we'll all be doing our best not to overtake every gleeful shopper that sets foot into Monica's shop. It's not so much about the sales as it is about the energy of the holidays. Everyone bundled up in their hip scarves and, in this part of the country, their rainboots searching high and low for the one perfect gift that will gracefully and fully symbolize and epitomize the way that they relate to the one that will receive said gift. It's absolutely magical!

So, I hope to see you on November 15th with the brightest of smiles upon your beautiful face! Maybe you'll buy one of my handcrafted gemstone ornaments or set of delicate wine charms. But that doesn't matter... what matters is that we're having the time of our lives celebrating what's lovely in this world!

See you soon to celebrate!

Chrystal Lynn

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