Wednesday, September 17, 2008

holiday- you dare say the word!

i am getting things up and running for the holiday season. i'm arranging some marketing materials as well as some new techniques. i am, yes again, revamping my website. if you've not already realized it, i am a lover of the trial and error method and thus much of my life consists of said method. i wouldn't have it any other way. so back to the website. you will now find the shopping link very useful on www.chrystalynjewelry.com. the page itself features a feed that allows the most recently uploaded pieces from my etsy site to be showcased. you click the link and you're ready to go! you'll also notice a few new links as such as custom, testimonial, & bridal. the testimonial link is all about customer appreciation. there will be photos of clients in their pieces as well as quotes. the custom section is an invitation to design w/ chrystalyn jewelry and also makes reference to repair work. and finally, the blog page is an actual page rather than a link to a page. w/out leaving the site, you have access to the most recent jewelry blogs @ your disposal. alright, enough jewelry plugs for now.

i am also excited to say that i'm going to be rockin' it roadtrip style to kansas in a few weeks. if you or someone you knows would appreciate chrystalyn jewelry, please feel free to get them in touch w/ me. i'm more than excited @ the prospect of seeing some new clients...

continue to watch for details about events where chrystalyn jewelry will be appearing. one already confirmed is redding's november holiday shophop. on saturday, november 15 from 10am to 7pm, i'll be out @ monica's vintage inspired on athens showcasing my ingenious ornaments & wine charms. please come out and help us jumpstart the coming holiday season!!!

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