Thursday, October 02, 2008

really, what am i doing???

so we all know i'm not doing 2nd year. we all know that i still make jewelry. but how do i support myself now that i can't reasonably send out letters soliciting money from anyone i've ever met?

i'm doing temp work. i just got a 3.5 week job @ a local human resources company. i volley between answering phones and mailing out my chic little jewelry postcards. now and then, i actually return an email or blog.

i'm also (still) revamping my website. i'm already offering gift certificates that can be purchased right off of the site. i'm also working on a bridal section. i have to get the photos from the brides first... *sigh* i'm getting things ready for a holiday show slated for november 15th. can't recall if i've already announced that or not. i just got the sweetest postcards to promote it. they may very well be my favorite ever. i'll be selling ornaments & wine markers that day @ monica's.

let's see... what else can be said for my evasive posture these days? i still don't answer my phone or texts b/c i have one of those super oldschool ones that does nothing but calls people. it's illegal to talk while you're driving so the only thing to do is put that phone on speakerphone and stuff it into my cleavage. driving used to be the time when i talked to everyone. but since the commute in redding is a fraction of the commute in dallas... there's just not time for that. i've been trying to get a reasonable amount of sleep these days. such a strange thought, i know.

and then there's ministry. my homegroup from last year felt like it was time to take it to the next level so we changed days and moved to a room in the church (was a home group... in the home). i'm on the ministry team as a lead for prophetic ministry. woo hoo. i'm excited b/c i enjoy shaping and building new things. this should be interesting. and as a sidenote, i designed the business cards for the ministry. they turned out lovely, if i say so myself.

overall, my life has gone from macroeconomics to microeconomics. i've gone from seeing things on a grand scheme to beginning to see the bits and pieces and how they all go together. if i recall correctly, i really hated macro b/c it was all so foreign to me. however, i fell in love w/ micro b/c i actually began to how all those pieces and parts snap together and what they're used for. i hate generalizations and, as w/ economics, i had a really hard time figuring out the grand overview of what life looks like in the kingdom of heaven. however, i'm seeing an ease surfacing that i can partially contribute to the way that my brain works, i believe. that's a great revelation, chrystal.

until next time, be expectant and proactive w/ your faith. and by all means, enjoy the process!


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nest flipping said...

hey love, i AdOrE your postcard... bring some by my shop! swing by during the next art hop...would love to see you and dan the man.
xoxox monica t