Monday, October 06, 2008


i realized today that my photos posted on rotation in the left hand margin are now a year old. i don't know if it's b/c i don't spend anywhere near as much time on the computer doing fun stuff anymore or if it's b/c the computer than my dad gave me last year finally popped it's little lens. for the longest time, i couldn't figure out why one side of all of my shots were blurry. then one day the lens jumped right out of it's secure little fitting after zooming. after that, the mysterious blur popped up every which way and it reminded me a bit of the "where's waldo" game from years past.

so i need a new camera. badly. i want one that does all sorts of fun things w/ settings and such. flash just isn't enough for an experimental gal like me. i love the manual settings (on digital only!) and then toy around til i figure out how to get a crisp shot. fun, fun, fun. i know: nerd, nerd, nerd.

i have 2 more days of this temp job. i look forward to carrying on w/ the things that i enjoy doing again. the money has been nice, but it's gone mostly to the ridiculous cause of trying to get my car registered in california. step off of the soapbox, chrystal. now.

still planning on kansas. it'll happen in the next week.

i'm so over trying to find a place for chrystalyn jewelry in redding. heck, i'm over finding a place for it anywhere. i do, however, thoroughly enjoy sending out my sweet little postcards and email newsletters. hope you don't mind getting them too badly. take one for the team, will ya? it's the highlight of my week when i go into marketing mode.

i did realize, though, that i believe i need some intercessors maybe for my business. maybe i can solicit honey's help since he does marketplace intercession. wait, i already do. but i just noticed today that i'm going about this thing all wrong. i'm stil tempted to get my feelings hurt when someone says no or doesn't choose to make that purchase. of course the enemy wants to see me intimidated and give up. when i make jewelry, i let something glorious into the atmosphere that changes everything around it. it's not something just pretty, it's something utterly powerful. eat your heart out, esther! (-;

anyway, that's all i've got today. just wanted to give my fingers a work out for a bit and let my mind run free for a few minutes. hope you don't mind...


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