Saturday, May 22, 2010

Birthday Week

My mom and I used to have a very special tradition.  Because my birthday was the 10th of December and her's was the 14th, we always tried to celebrate together.  And because the 4 day difference is the better part of a week, we traded in birth days and got back birth weeks. 

So, each year, we celebrated all around us for an entire week.  We gave ourselves permission to have all the dessert we wanted.  We allowed ourselves more time to just enjoy life without all the obligations around us.  It was like a mini vacation except that we hadn't actually gone anywhere.  It was a vacation in the mind.

This year, my husband traded his birth day in for a birth week.  We started his week off this past Sunday as his birthday was yesterday.  Every day, I made a point to bring him a treat or surprise or do something special that he knew was out of my way. 

I know he had a great time but I was really surprised about how much fun I had too.  Apart from the obvious perks of his joy from receiving things that made him feel special, there were unforeseen bonuses for me as well.  I found it a great creative exercise in stretching my brain a bit.  I had the challenge of thinking in the non standard birthday format and consider small things that didn't cost much but that packed a big punch.  And that energized my mind much like a mini vacation.

Next birthday, you or someone you love should trade in your day for a week.  Just know, once you cross over, you will never go back! 

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