Sunday, May 08, 2011


The past few months I've thought long and hard about combining my 2 blogs.  There has always been the blog that I write from the heart with and the blog that I nurture creativity with.  I've recently, however, been unable to shake the idea of merging to two. 

The idea probably stemmed from my intense need to simplify my life nowadays.  Daily life with 17 week old Grace Olivia has made me reconsider time my time and priorities in every crevice of my life.  Even still, I feel Blogger beckoning me.  No matter that I now average about 2 hours less sleep a night that 6 months ago.  Never mind that I can barely process through an entire idea much less put it to pen (or keyboard in this case).

Oh well.  Its too late now.  I've done it.  Tonight I imported my personal blog and uploaded it here onto my "business" blog.  No more separating church & state, fact & fiction, home & work.  We might as well just be honest now.

I am a stay at home mom that is lucky to get a shower some days.  I've not made anything new since this past fall for my shop.  The only way I got Grace's Easter hair bow done is because I somehow managed to balance her on the Boppy while I hand stitched the worst version of my Rose Garden Hair Snapper to date.

If you're still reading or following, you must either be a mom as well or have a sick sense of humor (no harm, no foul there!).  Stay tuned for what life looks like when everything is all mashed up together... 

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Elizabeth said...

I appreciate the honesty with which you blog. Honesty about life, and about when life is hard, seems to be things which are sort of shunted aside in the Christian life, at least for public eyes. Like we have to be all "I never fight with my husband, I never get sick of being a mom, I don't struggle with impatience, bad moods, etc, etc." The Good Christian card. Which we acknowledge, but we think the answer is to just truly BE perfect so that we have nothing to hide, which totally misses the point of Christianity, doesn't it? Anyway, a bit of a ramble, but I just wanted to say that I appreciate you! I also found your thoughts on merging your blog, and the things that had to get thrown out the window, the saving of time and the tabling of even more unreserved honesty, very interesting.

Finally, don't despair! When you were talking about how you hadn't created anything for awhile, I had a thought I wanted to share with you. You might not be able to create for awhile, but this time will be excessively short over the grand scheme of your life. Babies don't stay little for very long, and as they age, you get more and more time to yourself until you wish they were babies again, or so I've heard moms say. Also, you ARE creating something. You are shaping and pouring into the wonderful person who is your daughter, moulding her with God's help. This season might even be a season of rest - I know, you probably want to pelt me with tomatoes right now for my ignorance. I'm not a mother and I can't imagine how tiring and difficult your scenario is. Yet, sleep-deprived and baby-focused as you must be, you get to have only one focus, and this sweet time will be so short. I know you enjoy creating things, but didn't even God rest to be with his creation on the seventh day? I feel like I'm not making any sense right now. I guess just pray about if this is a season of rest for you right now - however oxymoronically that might sound - and see what God says about it to you, and how you can rest through this time.

You are doing GREAT, by the way. <3