Saturday, April 16, 2011

Raw Milk

Tonight some friends brought over some raw milk.  Though I know some about the benefits of it, I'd not ever tasted it.  Talk about a beautiful moment for my taste buds.  Its everything good about milk, only better.  It was nothing short of bliss in a cup.  Seriously.  If you have any appreciation for milk, go find some (from a reputable source of course) and revel in the delight that is raw milk.  You'll thank me later.

Now on to what I'm thankful for:
  1. A clean house
  2. Fruit water
  3. Porch swings
  4. Vintage luggage
  5. Dusk
  6. Grace
  7. The promise of things to come
  8. Transparency 
  9. Cloth wipes
  10. Pizza bread
  11. Porch lights
  12. Stemless wine glasses
  13. Being on the same page as my husband
  14. Wooden toys
  15. 3/4 shirts
  16. Pedicures
  17. Generosity
  18. That all things work together for good
  19. Gmail
  20. Raw milk
  21. Friends that buy raw milk
  22. Long drives
  23. Comfort
  24. Truth in love
  25. A restful evening

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