Friday, April 08, 2011

Back in the saddle again...

You heard that right.  I'm back in the saddle again... the blog saddle, that is.  I've been thinking for weeks about revisiting the joy of blogging.  I'm taking my first step with my personal blog.  I've chosen to not think about the jewelry blog that is just lounging around cyberspace untouched and unamused. 

And rather than fill in the last 6 months of life as to catch up for everything that I've not posted since last fall, I will just act like I've been blogging all along.  I'm taking this stance primarily in the attempt to not completely overwhelm myself.  After all, I now have an absolutely gorgeous 14 week old baby girl that is more than a handful for me. 

I cannot begin to express how utterly in love I am with this girl.  She, along with my perpetually amusing husband (thank God I married a man with a sense of humor!), is the sunshine in my day.  And thus begins the first 25 things that I am thankful for (as this begins a series of a grand total of 1000 things to be appreciative of).  So, here we go...
  1. Grace Olivia, my sweet daughter
  2. Chocolate chip cookies made by my husband
  3. A wooden tray with handles purchased for $7
  4. Large picture windows
  5. Brita water filter 
  6. Friends & family that sew
  7. Whole Foods
  8. The fact that I can (though I haven't had time to) cut my own hair
  9. My breastfeeding support group 
  10. Girls nights
  11. Jeans that still fit
  12. Mega green smoothies
  13. Magazine subscriptions
  14. IHOP special edition CDs
  15. Swaddling - baby calming secret weapon
  16. Carters pink elephant rattle blankie 
  17. Postal service carrier pickup
  18. Facebook
  19. Rainboots
  20. Holy Spirit
  21. Ipod dock remote control
  22. White noise website www.simplynoise.com
  23. Craigslist
  24. My black & white dishes
  25. Skype


Erika said...

Good for you! I've had a blog floating in space now for over a year and feel the task of picking it back up quite daunting. You may have just inspired me to start thinking about it again ;) And thank you for introducing me to Simply Noise......GREAT!

Chrystal Lynn Simmons said...

glad you dig the site. its been an absolute lifesver for our house! (-;