Friday, September 16, 2011

Generosity of Spirit

I've got some awesome new products in the works and I really could stand to blog about them.  But, I have another topic just bubbling up within me that makes it hard to focus on my creativity at the moment.  And that topic is generosity of spirit. 
8x10 Art Print from Pennywishes

It may be the crisp, fresh air that is all around me.  Or it may be that a part of me feels the gearing up for the holiday season.  It could even be that I've been fleshing out kindness as a concept in many parts of my life lately.  

No matter, generosity of spirit is in the air all around me and I'm becoming obsessed with it.  I want to bake people cookies and leave them on their doorstep anonymously.  I have an absolute itch to encourage people to the degree that they want to run right out and conquer the world.  I crave heartfelt, joy moments in relationships with those that I appreciate, the kind that are featured at the crescendo of a great movie.  

I also want to keep myself thankful.  In a time where gut wrenching things are seen in the news and heart breaking things happen to those we know, I want exude a spirit of appreciation for those things that are good all around me.  And it is my experience that thankfulness is a very powerful tool in our everyday lives.  It doesn't ward off bad things from happening to you, but it secures your ability to be get up and keep going when they do.  Because your heart is generous in it's appreciation, you know how truly blessed you are.  And that revelation can carry you through anything that life could hurl your way...

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