Monday, September 05, 2011

Grace = New Inspiration

Even before Grace was born, I began dreaming up my own take of whimsical baby clothes, toys, gear, and decor.  Now that she is here, there is very little time to create such things.  Three months after she was born, I finally got around to making her ribbon mobile that hangs above her crib.  And really, I can mostly thank my mom for the hard labor she donated on the project once the design was finalized by yours truly.  

So here is my newest inspiration: baby mobiles!  The ones shown here are 6.5" in diameter and they are going to be the minis.  As you can see, it is perfect over the changing table to keep curious little eyes busy while momma refreshes baby's bottom.  

What's the location in your nursery that poses the biggest challenge for entertaining baby?

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