Thursday, April 16, 2009

As promised... Mother's Day Specials!

Mother's Day is the debut of the Solitary Star Necklaces as shown above. The necklace features a singular stone that is suspended by either a gold filled or sterling silver chain that is utterly delicate. It measures 16 to 17 inches unless otherwise specified. The singular stones are Moukaite and vary in color with tones of burgundy, lavender, vanilla cream, and mustard yellow. It's a bit contemporary and wonderfully minimalistic. Available for $28.50 in gold filled and $26.50 in silver.

The center necklace, the Baby Star Necklace, is special for Mother's Day as well. It's made of faceted smoky quartz and is also threaded with either sterling silver or gold filled dainty chain. What makes this necklace special is that you can order it tailored to symbolize one child per stone. If you're an only child, select one stone. If you've got 4 siblings you'd choose 5 stones total. It's a gift for a timeless beauty that has done a coveted job of raising her children. Available for $31 in gold for single stone and $29 in silver. Add $1 per additional stone to either necklace.

There is a small stock of these necklaces so order early! Free shipping on orders $50 or more.

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