Monday, April 27, 2009

dang, this blog is in shambles....

so i'm always trying something new and different. always considering new ways to link all of my cyber life together. sometimes it works well, other times the gesture is much like a bad outfit. good idea, wrong execution. anyway, i need to tighten things up here.

for instance, i noticed that my parallel jewelry supply photos are intermingled with pictures of me! if want to hear about me, why would you care about stones? good question, chrystal.

anyway, i still haven't posted dallas. so wrong. i just keep deliberating over how i'll do it. i should have done a story here or a story there all throughout the trip. however, there was no time for that. it was a full on adventure. i think i'll just go along and pick a photo and tell a story. yes, that's what i'll do. and i'll do one at a time as not to make myself nuts.

in the meantime, follow me on twitter. yes, do that. http://twitter.com/chrystalpaasch.

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