Friday, July 23, 2010

Deactivating Items

In my shop, I have many items that are made to order.  In fact, I might even say that 2/3 of my shop items are made to order.  This is a good thing in that I don't have tons of pre-made inventory lying around all over the place.  But, it makes it very hard to manage a shop long distance unless I want to tote all of my supplies with me when I go out of town.

And out of town I am going.  My husband and I are departing for a month long road trip to the midwest (his home) in 9 days.  While we are gone, I will still have ready to wear items listed and available for purchase.  But, as stated above, about 2/3 of my shop will be out out of commission until early to mid September. 

The made to order items will be available until July 29th to allow a few days for me to crank out a few more orders before I depart.  All items that are ready to wear will ship normally with about a 2 business day lead time for processing (aka finding a post office in the middle of nowhere). 

And I'm still offering free shipping for summertime.  So, you have no excuse to get a little something sweet for your self now! SHOP NOW...

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