Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Warm & Cozy

I awoke extremely early this morning so that I could see my husband off to jury duty selection. And because we like to sleep with the windows open, I was freezing when I finally talked myself away from the covers. Then, while we were waiting for the coffee to steep in the french press, Daniel turned on the electric fire place. Granted, it's not quite the same as having crackling logs as a platform for dancing blue flames, but it's something none the less.

So, here I am. I dropped him off at the courthouse and I still have my coffee. The fireplace is still going at full blast. All of it reminds me of olden days in a cabin somewhere when all you could do was read to entertain yourself. Well, except that I have my laptop and the microwave to reheat the coffee.

Anyway, the point is that I am warm and cozy. As I've been sitting here checking email, I've been wondering where to direct my creative efforts today. Should I work on listing some of my sweet organza blossom hairpins that I debuted at my wedding? Or, maybe I should jump headfirst into what is soon to be the holiday season and develop this year's holiday gemstone ornaments. I've been toying with both for a few months now and I really should be getting busy.

Even still, there's a little bit of my creativity that has a wild hair this brisk, bright morning! I want to create something that captures the concept of "warm & cozy". I want to make a necklace that is chunky enough to be well suited for sweaters. I want to design a pair of earrings that reflect the textures and depth of thick fabrics like tweed, jacquard, & plaid.

I think I will go with the urge and do something not on my to-do list. Winter, here I come!

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