Sunday, January 17, 2010

Name Change

So there are 2 parts to the name change reference. For one, I got married about 5 months ago now and I still haven't changed my name fully. I've changed it with the state but not on any of my important documents. I'll call Social Security tomorrow. The Department of Transportation will just have to wait. Even still, my social media name is Chrystal Lynn Paasch Simmons. That's only so people will recognize me, not because it's factual.

On another note, I have actually changed the name of my blog. I used to blog about life and school in Redding (which I'm done with) and a boyfriend (which is now a husband) and my creativity (which has it's own blog now). So, I've sort of wanted to start back up again but wasn't sure what I'd actually have to say. Even now, I still don't fully know. But, I suppose that I figured I might as well start somewhere.

Anyway, that's pretty much it for tonight. I'm currently doing temp work full time so that plus jewelry plus husband keeps me super busy. I think I want to post my new favorite recipe tomorrow. Be on the lookout. It's the one that I Twitter about every time I think about it. Ok, now you're in suspense...

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