Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ylang 23

When I was an impressionable young middle schooler growing up in Dallas, the greatest thing to do was go shopping at the Galleria. Going to the Galleria was a post Christmas tradition. Going to the Galleria was the wonderfully creative location of my 13th birthday party. Going to the Galleria, to this day, warms my heart as I think about years of memories with girlfriends & giggles & good things to eat.

And even amidst all of the memories, there's something else about the Galleria that instantly transports me back to fond mother/daughter memories that, without a doubt, have set the stage for my fashion taste to this day. And that something is Ylang 23. Up until a few years ago, you might have known it as Ylang Ylang. It was a matchbox sized stand alone shop on the south side of the mall on the first floor.

My mother and I would frequent the shop as it was one of the only places in town where she could purchase her favorite perfume, Ylang Ylang Autumn. They had lots of perfume, but I remember most the jewelry. When everything else was bigger in Texas, this shop featured dainty and delicate creations. Designs were, and to this day still are, ones that are beyond elegant in their simplicity and utterly luxurious in their construction.

If, by chance, you are captivated by my obsession with the shop, you'll no longer find it where I described. It has grown tremendously and rightfully so. The world wouldn't be right if it had not. It can now be found on the 2nd floor of the Galleria overlooking the brisk and bright ice rink. The windows are now bigger and the variety is plentiful. And, in case you were wondering, the shop is as inspiring as ever.

I'll leave you with one more fond memory of what you now know as Ylang 23. The last time I wandered through the Galleria (which was about 3 years ago since I no longer reside in Dallas), I happened to be wearing one of my own Chrystalyn creations. I, as always, perused the intricately wrapped gemstone necklaces and the earthy leather stamped bracelets. While I was coveting in a flattering sort of way, the impeccably dressed saleswoman commented on my necklace. She loved the texture of my vaguely faceted raw opal chunks and round, crisply cut smoky quartz all hand knotted on silk thread.

From a shop that sets the standard on taste in my book, I am forever grateful for that kind compliment. Ylang 23, I hope you never cease to captivate me!

Cathy Waterman - Love of My Life Collection

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