Sunday, April 25, 2010

How To Rock Your Hairpiece Part I

I got a wild hair this past weekend.  I decided to do a video tutorial on how to rock your hairpiece.  I'm not sure exactly where the idea stemmed from except that I've been living, breathing, and eating hairpieces lately.  It might have developed out of the last piece I made which was a 6 inch layered tulle hat-like thing with peacock blue feathers and a vintage button.  Yes, that was probably it.

So, if got a great hairpiece but just aren't sure how to make it work for you... this is perfect for you.  Part I focuses on the snappers specifically.  I'll do another one this week on hair combs.  Enjoy!


satsumabug said...

Chrystal, this is super cute!!!!!! Wish I'd thought of it myself! I love it! And you and your hairpieces totally rock the screen :)

Chrystal Lynn Simmons said...

Oh, thanks!! It was super fun. I'll definitely be doing another one!