Saturday, April 17, 2010

River Trail

A new friend of mine, Charlotte Rosenhoff, posted a link today on Facebook stating that she had featured one of my wedding photos on her blog, My Old Blue Suitcase.  In my curiosity to see which of my photos she found so charming, I popped on over and checked it out. 

As I browsed through her blog, I became less and less interested in where my wedding photo was.  I became more and more interested, however, in how utterly delectable her photos are.  I was so inspired that I recruited my husband, Daniel, for a walk along the river trail this afternoon and made him promise he'd be patient as I scavenged for the perfect shot.  This is what I found...


1 comment:

Charlotte said...

ok, I just googled my name for fun and found this post, a year after you posted it:). How fun that you were inspired! And I LOVE the photos!! Hope you are enjoying momma life:)